What is the Pilgrimage?

This program will help you grow in friendship with God and in authentic Christian fellowship with other fellow-pilgrims. [John 15:12-17]
In short: This is a journey for Christians hearing the call to go deeper.
We provide a significant small-group ministry (Compass Group) which surrounds those who become pilgrims with a community of on-going support, nurture, and encouragement.
We also provide regular opportunities for those who have completed certain prerequisite "steps" to go on a travel pilgrimage as a group.
Those who commit to The Pilgrimage are making a commitment to a process of faith-formation which will demand more of them than more traditional forms of Christian education. The Pilgrimage, with its higher expectations of those who become pilgrims, promises a deeper transformation and a richer experience of faith.
The Pilgrimage is meant to supplement, and not replace, more traditional forms of adult Christian education (Sunday School, for example).