Blogs Associated with The Pilgrimage

The Stillpoint blog has blog posts going back a number of years and is a place to think about the contemplative path and also the discipline of pilgrimage.  Paul posts to this occasionally.
In a format mimicking the Screwtape Letters of C. S. Lewis, these blog-posts are a series of letters between Knockskull and Augbeetle.  In the introductory page to this series Paul writes:
"This correspondence appears to come from Knockskull, who is on faculty at a prestigious demonary, to one of his former students who has recently graduated with a Master of Infernal Interference degree.  Augbeetle has been assigned to the Department of Pilgrimage Prevention and is wholly dedicated to the tempting of the pilgrims to whom he is assigned. While I find the correspondence I am sharing to be of potential use for other pilgrims like myself, I must caution the reader to remember that Knockskull, like all demons, is a liar and what he writes to Augbeetle should be viewed with healthy skepticism."