What Is The Pilgrimage?

A Faith-formation ministry aimed at creating serious and
passionate people of faith for the renewal of the church.

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“Do you know about God?  Or do you know God?  There is a big difference!” — Ben Cambell Johnson
These provocative words get to the heart of the struggle many feel about their faith.  It is so much easier to know something about God than it is to know God.  To know God means to invest time and emotional energy in developing one’s relationship with God.  As with any relationship of significance, this is both a great challenge and a great treasure.

Our words often echo the words of the psalmist, “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and behold the face of God?” We too thirst for God, and we long to see
The true “destination” this ministry seeks to help you find is a joyful and Spirit-led life of discipleship. God’s face in our homes and workplaces, and in our church.

When you hear the word “pilgrimage,” you are likely thinking of travel to a sacred place or travel for a sacred purpose and we do mean that when we speak of pilgrimage.  But we also mean a way of living one’s life before God when we speak of pilgrimage.  It is both things; a sacred journey on which one is intentionally traveling (often to a specific destination); and a metaphor for the whole journey of our life before God.  The Pilgrimage ministry guides pilgrims both on the journey of life before God and, as a part of the formative process, on a specific journey to a sacred place.  However, the true “destination” this ministry seeks to help you find is a joyful and Spirit-led life of discipleship.

The Pilgrimage is an adult faith formation ministry which equips disciples of Jesus Christ to grow deeply in relationship with the living and present Lord.  The Pilgrimage gives you the tools and teaches you the disciplines needed to grow as a disciple of Jesus.  This is accomplished in several ways:
1)  By providing first-class programs and teaching, which inspire you to
invest in your relationship with God.  In these courses you will have your knowledge of the many streams of Christian spiritual formation broadened, and your experience of a variety of formative disciplines deepened.

2)  By providing a significant small-group ministry (Compass Groups) which
 surrounds those who become pilgrims with a community of on-going support,
nurture, and encouragement.

3)  By providing regular opportunities for those who have completed certain pre-requisite  “steps” to go on a travel pilgrimage as a group.  The annual trips will be planned as alternating  between domestic and international destinations.

The Pilgrimage is meant to supplement, and not replace, more traditional forms of adult Christian education (Sunday school for example).  Those who commit to The Pilgrimage are making a commitment to a process of faith-formation which will demand more of them than more traditional forms of Christian education.  The Pilgrimage, with its higher expectations of those who become pilgrims, promises a deeper transformation and a richer experience of faith.

Vision Statement

For Christians hearing the call to go deeper —
The Pilgrimage creates a community and provides tools
and experiences through which we learn to hear the call of God
and respond in faith, journeying together with friends
on the path to a Spirit-led and joyful life.

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