April 15 & 22 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM EST

A course teaching about how to write a spiritual autobiography as a practice of discernment about God’s work in one’s life. Many of us are helped in discerning “what is God asking of me?” by taking a prayerful look at the testimony of our life-to-date. It is often clearer to see God’s work in hindsight. Then, having seen the ways God has already been present in our history, we are better able to guess what God is asking of us in the present.

Books for this course


Augustine Confessions
(Library of Christian Classics / Westminster: Philadelphia)
This book is a classic.  Many think of it as the first spiritual autobiography in Western Christian literature.  That said, it is a primary source document and it may be more difficult to follow/appreciate that other books in this list.

† Johnsons, Ben Campbell Confessing A Life: a spiritual odyssey
(Eerdmans Publishing Co.:  Grand Rapids, 2003)

† Morgan, Richard Remembering Your Story: creating your own spiritual autobiography
(Upper Room: Nashville, 2002)  [ISBN 978-0-8258-0963-4]

Resources for this course

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